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Version: 1.0.x ๐Ÿ’€

SSH backend


The SSH backend will execute the pipelines using SSH on a remote system without any isolation of any kind.


This backend is still pretty new and cannot be treated as stable. Its implementation and configuration can change at any time.

Since the code run directly on the SSH machine, a malicious pipeline could access and edit files the SSH user has access to and execute every command the remote user is allowed to use. Always restrict the user as far as possible!

It is recommended to use this backend only for private setups where the code and pipelines can be trusted. You shouldn't use it for a public facing CI where anyone can submit code or add new repositories.

The backend will use a random directory in $TMPDIR to store the clone code and execute commands.



Default: empty

The SSH host to run steps with ssh backend.


Default: empty

The SSH user to run steps with ssh backend.


Default: empty

Path to the private SSH key to run steps with ssh backend.


Default: empty

The password for the private key to run steps with ssh backend.


Default empty

The SSH password to run steps with ssh backend.