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Version: 1.0.x


Which version of Woodpecker should I use?

Woodpecker is having two different kinds of releases: stable and next.

To find out more about the differences between the two releases, please read the FAQ.

Binaries & DEB, RPM

Latest release

Docker images

Image variants:

  • The latest image is the latest stable release
  • The vX.X.X images are stable releases
  • The vX.X images are based on the current release branch (e.g. release/v1.0) and can be used to get bugfixes asap
  • The next images are based on the current main branch and should not be used for production environments
# server
docker pull woodpeckerci/woodpecker-server:latest
docker pull woodpeckerci/woodpecker-server:latest-alpine

# agent
docker pull woodpeckerci/woodpecker-agent:latest
docker pull woodpeckerci/woodpecker-agent:latest-alpine

# cli
docker pull woodpeckerci/woodpecker-cli:latest
docker pull woodpeckerci/woodpecker-cli:latest-alpine