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Version: 2.5.x ๐Ÿ’€


Plugins are pipeline steps that perform pre-defined tasks and are configured as steps in your pipeline. Plugins can be used to deploy code, publish artifacts, send notification, and more.

They are automatically pulled from the default container registry the agent's have configured.

Example pipeline using the Docker and Slack plugins:

- name: build
image: golang
- go build
- go test

- name: publish
image: plugins/docker
repo: foo/bar
tags: latest

- name: notify
image: plugins/slack
channel: dev

Plugin Isolationโ€‹

Plugins are just pipeline steps. They share the build workspace, mounted as a volume, and therefore have access to your source tree.

Finding Pluginsโ€‹

For official plugins, you can use the Woodpecker plugin index:


There are also other plugin lists with additional plugins. Keep in mind that Drone plugins are generally supported, but could need some adjustments and tweaking.