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Plugins / TODO-Checker


by Epsilon_02

Plugin to check if TODOs has an open issue number to the project repository (currently only gitea/forgejo supported)


Settings Name Default Description
prefix_regex (TODO|FIXME) prefix which should a comment start to check if there should exist a issue number
main_regex ( |)(\(|\(#)(?P<ISSUE_NUMBER>\d+)(\)) main regex to check how the issue number should be defined. IMPORTANT: if you want to build a custom regex, the name of the capturing group "ISSUE_NUMBER" have to be defined which only returns the issue-number!
repository_token `` token if the repository to be checked is private
debug false enable debug output

Building custom regex

This plugin uses ripgrep to search through project files which uses the rust regex syntax.

Ignore files

Ripgrep pays attention to the following files: .rgignore, .ignore and .gitignore. It treats .rgignore-files with higher precedence than .ignore-files and .ignore-files with a higher precedence than `.gitignore. Check also the ripgrep manual out for further reading.