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Plugins / Surge preview plugin

Surge preview plugin

by Woodpecker Authors

Plugin to create static pages deployments as preview environments on pull-requests.


The surge-preview plugin uploads a files of a directory to the CDN of it automatically generates an url and posts the status of the deployment with an url as a comment to the pull-request. After closing a pull-request it automatically destroys the preview environment again.


To use the plugin add a step similar to the following one to your Woodpecker pipeline config:

    image: woodpeckerci/plugin-surge-preview
      path: dist/ # path to directory to publish files from
      surge_token: xxx # install surge cli and run `surge token`:
      forge_type: github # or gitea, gitlab, ...
      forge_url: # or,, ...
      forge_repo_token: xxx # access token for your forge
      event: pull_request