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Plugins / Release Helper

Release Helper

Plugin for semi-automated releases.


This plugin aims to help with git-based releases. It should be run on every commit of the default branch to execute it's necessary actions.

A Woodpecker workflow file could look like this:

    image: woodpeckerci/plugin-ready-release-go
      # release_branch: 'custom-release-branch' # default: CI_REPO_DEFAULT_BRANCH
      git_email: <email>
        from_secret: GITHUB_TOKEN

  event: push


  • Create automated changelog based on PRs which updates itself after each merge to the default branch
  • Auto-categorization of PRs based on labels
  • Automatically determines the next semver version using the PR labels
  • Supports any kind of programming language, changelog tool and commit style
  • Allows to execute custom hooks like pre, post-release


There are two parts to configure the plugin:

1. Most basic options can be configured via plugin settings

Settings Default Description
GITHUB_TOKEN none The GitHub token to use for the GitHub API
GIT_EMAIL none The email to use for git commits
RELEASE_BRANCH CI_REPO_DEFAULT_BRANCH The branch used to merge the changelog to
PULL_REQUEST_BRANCH_PREFIX next-release/ The prefix used for release pull-request branches
DEBUG false Enable debug logging

2. Using a release-config.ts file in your repository

Add a release-config.ts file to the root of your repository. Have a look at the UserConfig type for all available options.

export default {
  commentOnReleasedPullRequests: false,

The plugin also supports executing custom hooks which can e.g. help to perform additional actions during a release (e.g. updating a helm chart's appVersion field):

export default {
  beforePrepare: async ({ exec, nextVersion }) => {
    await exec(`sed -i "s/^version:.*$/version: ${nextVersion}/g" Chart.yaml`);