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Plugins / NixOS remote builder

NixOS remote builder

by JohnWalkerx

Plugin to use the nix store of a remote system to remote build given Nix flake paths

Woodpecker CI plugin which uses the store of a remote NixOS system to build our given Nix flake paths.

The usecase is that the remote system acts as a builder and Nix binarycache. So we build our NixOS systems (or packages) on the remote system and keep the output in the nix store of the remote system.

Our benefits:

  • For each build we use the persistent store of the remote system and get much faster builds because we use already build artefacts.
  • The result will stay in the Nix store of the remote machine. So we can serve this store as binary cache.


Settings Name Default Description
sshkey none SSH key for SSH authentification on remote system. This should be applied from a CI secret
username none Username on remote system
hostname none Hostname of remote system
sshport none SSH Port to connect on remote system
flakepaths none List of flakepaths to build separated by ,


    image: johnwalkerx/nix-remote-builder-plugin:latest
    pull: true
      sshport: 22
      username: uploaduser
        from_secret: sshkey
      flakepaths: >-,

NOTE: Make sure to restrict usage of the secret to this specific docker image and select that only plugins can use this secrets.