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Plugins / Gitea Release

Gitea Release

Plugin to create a Gitea release

Woodpecker CI plugin to create a Gitea release. This plugin is a fork of drone-gitea-release.


Settings Name Default Description
api-key none API key for Gitea
files none List of files to upload
file-exists overwrite What to do if files already exist; one of overwrite, fail, or skip
checksum none Generate checksums for specific files
target none Branch where further development happens (usually main)
draft false Create a draft release
skip-verify false Visit base-url and skip verifying certificate
prerelease false Create a pre-release
base-url none Base URL of Gitea instance
note none File or string with notes for the release (ex: changelog)
title none File or string with the title for the release
env-file none Path to a .env file to load


    image: woodpeckerci/plugin-gitea-release
          - "hello-world"
          - "hello-world.exe"
          from_secret: API_KEY
        target: main