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Plugins / Git Clone

Git Clone

This is the default plugin for the clone step.

This plugin is automatically introduced into your pipeline as the first step. Its purpose is to clone your Git repository.


  • Git LFS support is enabled by default.
  • Fetch tags when needed.
  • Ajust submodules.

Overriding Settings

You can manually define your clone step in order to change plugin or override some of the default settings. Consult the clone section of the pipeline documentation for more information; this documentation page only describes this plugin.

    image: woodpeckerci/plugin-git
      depth: 50
      lfs: false


Settings Name Default Description
depth none If specified, uses git's --depth option to create a shallow clone with a limited number of commits, overwritten by partial
lfs true Set this to false to disable retrieval of LFS files
recursive false Clones submodules recursively
skip_verify false Skips the SSL verification
tags false (except on tag event) Fetches tags when set to true, default is false if event is not tag else true
submodule_overrides none Override submodule urls
submodule_update_remote false Pass the --remote flag to git submodule update
custom_ssl_path none Set path to custom cert
custom_ssl_url none Set url to custom cert
backoff 5sec Change backoff duration
attempts 5 Change backoff attempts
branch $CI_COMMIT_BRANCH Change branch name to checkout to
partial true (except if tags are fetched) Only fetch the one commit and it's blob objects to resolve all files, overwrite depth with 1
home Change HOME var for commands executed, fail if it does not exist