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Plugins / Aptly


by Benjamin Renard

plugin to publish Debian package on a Aptly repository

Woodpecker CI plugin to publish one (or more) Debian package on a Aptly repository using its API.


This plugin will try to :

  • List all changes files in the specified directory and filter on the specified source package name (if specified)
  • Iter on detected changes files and foreach of then:
  • the changes file is parsed to detect the source package name, the distribution and included files
  • the repository name is computed (if not specified). Format: {prefix}_{distribution}_{component}. Note: if the default prefix is specified (.), it will not be used to compute the repository name.
  • the current published distribution is retrieved using APTLY Publish API to:
    • check it was already manally published a first time
    • check it used a snapshot kind of sources
    • retrieve other components source snapshot
  • Upload the changes file and all its included files using APTLY File Upload API in a directory named as the source package
  • Include the changes file using APTLY Local Repos API
  • Compute a snapshot name for the repository based on the current date and the repository name. Format: YYYYMMDD-HHMMSS_{repository name}
  • Create a snapshot of the repository using APTLY Local Repos API
  • Update the published distribution with this new snapshot as source of the specified component and keeping other components source snapshot.

In case of error, it will exit with a detailed error message (within the limits of what is provided by the Aptly API).


Settings Name Default Description
api_url none Your Aptly API URL (required)
api_username none Username to authenticate on your Aptly API (required)
api_password none Password to authenticate on your Aptly API (required)
prefix . The publishing prefix
repo_component main The component name to publish on
repo_name {prefix}_{distribution}_{component} The repository name to publish on. If not specified, it will be computed using the specified prefix and component and the detected package distribution. See above for details.
path dist Path to the directory where files to publish are stored
source_name none Name of the source package to publish (optional, default: all changes files are will be publish)
max_retries none The number of retry in case of error calling the Aptly API (optional, default: no retry)


    image: brenard/aptly-publish
      api_url: https://your.aptly.tld/api
      api_username: myproject
        from_secret: aptly_api_password
      prefix: debian
      repo_component: main
      repo_name: debian_stable_main
      path: dist
      source_name: myproject
      max_retries: 2