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How to debug clone issuesโ€‹

(And what to do with an error message like fatal: could not read Username for 'https://<url>': No such device or address)

This error can have multiple causes. If you use internal repositories you might have to enable WOODPECKER_AUTHENTICATE_PUBLIC_REPOS:


If that does not work, try to make sure the container can reach your git server. In order to do that disable git checkout and make the container "hang":

skip_clone: true

image: debian:stable-backports
- apt update
- apt install -y inetutils-ping wget
- ping -c 4
- wget
- sleep 9999999

Get the container id using docker ps and copy the id from the first column. Enter the container with: docker exec -it 1234asdf bash (replace 1234asdf with the docker id). Then try to clone the git repository with the commands from the failing pipeline:

git init
git remote add origin
git fetch --no-tags origin +refs/heads/branch:

(replace the url AND the branch with the correct values, use your username and password as log in values)