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Project settings

As the owner of a project in Woodpecker you can change project related settings via the web interface.

project settings

Pipeline pathโ€‹

The path to the pipeline config file or folder. By default it is left empty which will use the following configuration resolution .woodpecker/*.yml -> .woodpecker/*.yaml -> .woodpecker.yml -> .woodpecker.yaml. If you set a custom path Woodpecker tries to load your configuration or fails if no configuration could be found at the specified location. To use a multiple workflows with a custom path you have to change it to a folder path ending with a / like .woodpecker/.

Repository hooksโ€‹

Your Version-Control-System will notify Woodpecker about events via webhooks. If you want your pipeline to only run on specific webhooks, you can check them with this setting.

Project settingsโ€‹

Allow pull requestsโ€‹

Enables handling webhook's pull request event. If disabled, then pipeline won't run for pull requests.


Every build initiated by a user (not including the project owner) needs to be approved by the owner before being executed. This can be used if your repository is public to protect the pipeline configuration from running unauthorized changes on third-party pull requests.


If you set your project to trusted, a pipeline step and by this the underlying containers gets access to escalated capabilities like mounting volumes.


Only server admins can set this option. If you are not a server admin this option won't be shown in your project settings.

Only inject netrc credentials into trusted containersโ€‹

Cloning pipeline step may need git credentials. They are injected via netrc. By default, they're only injected if this option is enabled, the repo is trusted (see above) or the image is a trusted clone image. If you uncheck the option, git credentials will be injected into any container in clone step.

Project visibilityโ€‹

You can change the visibility of your project by this setting. If a user has access to a project he can see all builds and their logs and artifacts. Settings, Secrets and Registries can only be accessed by owners.

  • Public Every user can see your project without being logged in.
  • Internal Only authenticated users of the Woodpecker instance can see this project.
  • Private Only you and other owners of the repository can see this project.


After this timeout a pipeline has to finish or will be treated as timed out.

Cancel previous pipelinesโ€‹

By enabling this option for a pipeline event previous pipelines of the same event and context will be canceled before starting the newly triggered one.