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To configure cron jobs you need at least push access to the repository.


By default pipelines triggered by cron jobs wont execute any steps in pipelines, as they are not part of the default event filter and you explicitly need to set a event: cron filter. Read more at: pipeline-syntax#event

Add a new cron job

  1. To create a new cron job adjust your pipeline config(s) and add the event filter to all steps you would like to run by the cron job:

    image: weblate_sync
    from_secret: weblate_token
    + when:
    + event: cron
    + cron: "name of the cron job" # if you only want to execute this step by a specific cron job
  2. Create a new cron job in the repository settings:

    cron settings

    The supported schedule syntax can be found at If you need general understanding of the cron syntax is a good place to start and experiment.

    Examples: @every 5m, @daily, 0 30 * * * * ...


    Woodpeckers cron syntax starts with seconds instead of minutes as used by most linux cron schedulers.

    Example: "At minute 30 every hour" would be 0 30 * * * * instead of 30 * * * *