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To configure cron jobs you need at least push access to the repository.

Add a new cron jobโ€‹

  1. To create a new cron job adjust your pipeline config(s) and add the event filter to all steps you would like to run by the cron job:

    - name: sync_locales
    image: weblate_sync
    from_secret: weblate_token
    + when:
    + event: cron
    + cron: "name of the cron job" # if you only want to execute this step by a specific cron job
  2. Create a new cron job in the repository settings:

    cron settings

    The supported schedule syntax can be found at If you need general understanding of the cron syntax is a good place to start and experiment.

    Examples: @every 5m, @daily, 0 30 * * * * ...


    Woodpeckers cron syntax starts with seconds instead of minutes as used by most linux cron schedulers.

    Example: "At minute 30 every hour" would be 0 30 * * * * instead of 30 * * * *