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Woodpecker uses Vue I18n as translation library, thus you can easily translate the web UI into your language. Therefore, copy the file web/src/assets/locales/en.json to the same path with your language's code and .json as name. Then, translate content of this file, but only the values:

"dont_translate": "Only translate this text"

To add support for time formatting, import the language into two files:

  1. web/src/compositions/useDate.ts: Just add a line like import 'dayjs/locale/en'; to the first block of import statements and replace en with your language's code.
  2. web/src/utils/timeAgo.ts: Add a line like import en from 'javascript-time-ago/locale/en.json'; to the other import-statements and replace both ens with your language's code. Then, add the line TimeAgo.addDefaultLocale(en); to the other lines of them, and replace en with your language's code.

Then, the web UI should be available in your language. You should open a pull request to our repository to get your changes into the next release.