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Woodpecker uses Xorm as ORM for the database connection.

Add a new migrationโ€‹

Woodpecker uses migrations to change the database schema if a database model has been changed. Add the new migration task into server/store/datastore/migration/.


Adding new properties to models will be handled automatically by the underlying ORM based on the struct field tags of the model. If you add a completely new model, you have to add it to the allBeans variable at server/store/datastore/migration/migration.go to get a new table created.


You should not use sess.Begin(), sess.Commit() or sess.Close() inside a migration. Session / transaction handling will be done by the underlying migration manager.

To automatically execute the migration after the start of the server, the new migration needs to be added to the end of migrationTasks in server/store/datastore/migration/migration.go. After a successful execution of that transaction the server will automatically add the migration to a list, so it won't be executed again on the next start.

Constants of official imagesโ€‹

All official default images, are saved in shared/constant/constant.go and must be pinned by an exact tag.