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Woodpecker supports two ways of enabling SSL communication. You can either use Let's Encrypt to get automated SSL support with renewal or provide your own SSL certificates.

Let's Encrypt

Woodpecker supports automated SSL configuration and updates using Let's Encrypt.

You can enable Let's Encrypt by making the following modifications to your server configuration:


Note that Woodpecker uses the hostname from the WOODPECKER_HOST environment variable when requesting certificates. For example, if WOODPECKER_HOST= is set the certificate is requested for To receive emails before certificates expire Let's Encrypt requires an email address. You can set it with WOODPECKER_LETS_ENCRYPT_EMAIL=ssl-admin@example.tld.

The SSL certificates are stored in $HOME/.local/share/certmagic for binary versions of Woodpecker and in /var/lib/woodpecker for the Container versions of it. You can set a custom path by setting XDG_DATA_HOME if required.

Once enabled you can visit the Woodpecker UI with http and the HTTPS address. HTTP will be redirected to HTTPS.

Certificate Cache

Woodpecker writes the certificates to /var/lib/woodpecker/certmagic/.

Certificate Updates

Woodpecker uses the official Go acme library which will handle certificate upgrades. There should be no addition configuration or management required.

SSL with own certificates

Woodpecker supports SSL configuration by mounting certificates into your container.


Certificate Chain

The most common problem encountered is providing a certificate file without the intermediate chain.

LoadX509KeyPair reads and parses a public/private key pair from a pair of files. The files must contain PEM encoded data. The certificate file may contain intermediate certificates following the leaf certificate to form a certificate chain.

Certificate Errors

SSL support is provided using the ListenAndServeTLS function from the Go standard library. If you receive certificate errors or warnings please examine your configuration more closely.

Running in containers

Update your configuration to expose the following ports:

 version: '3'

+      - 80:80
+      - 443:443
       - 9000:9000

Update your configuration to mount your certificate and key:

 version: '3'

+      - /etc/certs/
+      - /etc/certs/

Update your configuration to provide the paths of your certificate and key:

 version: '3'

+      - WOODPECKER_SERVER_CERT=/etc/certs/
+      - WOODPECKER_SERVER_KEY=/etc/certs/