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Woodpecker does support Kubernetes as a backend.


Kubernetes support is still experimental and not all pipeline features are fully supported yet.

Check the current state

Deploy with HELM

Deploying Woodpecker with HELM is the recommended way. Have a look at the values.yaml config files for all available settings.


# create agent secret
kubectl create secret generic woodpecker-secret \
--namespace <namespace> \
--from-literal=WOODPECKER_AGENT_SECRET=$(openssl rand -hex 32)

# add credentials for your forge
kubectl create secret generic woodpecker-github-client \
--namespace <namespace> \

kubectl create secret generic woodpecker-github-secret \
--namespace <namespace> \

# add helm repo
helm repo add woodpecker

Woodpecker server

# Install
helm upgrade --install woodpecker-server --namespace <namespace> woodpecker/woodpecker-server

# Uninstall
helm delete woodpecker-server

Woodpecker agent

# Install
helm upgrade --install woodpecker-agent --namespace <namespace> woodpecker/woodpecker-agent

# Uninstall
helm delete woodpecker-agent