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Woodpecker comes with built-in support for Bitbucket Cloud. To enable Bitbucket Cloud you should configure the Woodpecker container using the following environment variables:

WOODPECKER_BITBUCKET_CLIENT=... # called "Key" in Bitbucket


You must register an OAuth application at Bitbucket in order to get a key and secret combination for Woodpecker. Navigate to your workspace settings and choose OAuth consumers from the menu, and finally click Add Consumer (the url should be like:[your-project-name]/workspace/settings/api).

Please set a name and set the Callback URL like this:


bitbucket oauth setup

Please also be sure to check the following permissions:

  • Account: Email, Read
  • Workspace membership: Read
  • Projects: Read
  • Repositories: Read
  • Pull requests: Read
  • Webhooks: Read and Write

bitbucket permissions


This is a full list of configuration options. Please note that many of these options use default configuration values that should work for the majority of installations.


Default: false

Enables the Bitbucket driver.


Default: empty

Configures the Bitbucket OAuth client key. This is used to authorize access.


Default: empty

Read the value for WOODPECKER_BITBUCKET_CLIENT from the specified filepath


Default: empty

Configures the Bitbucket OAuth client secret. This is used to authorize access.


Default: empty

Read the value for WOODPECKER_BITBUCKET_SECRET from the specified filepath

Missing Featuresโ€‹

Path filters for pull requests are not supported. We are interested in patches to include this functionality. If you are interested in contributing to Woodpecker and submitting a patch please contact us via Discord or Matrix.