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Local backend


The local backend executes pipelines on the local system without any isolation.


Currently we do not support services for this backend. Read more here.

Since the commands run directly in the same context as the agent (same user, same filesystem), a malicious pipeline could be used to access the agent configuration especially the WOODPECKER_AGENT_SECRET variable.

It is recommended to use this backend only for private setup where the code and pipeline can be trusted. It should not be used in a public instance where anyone can submit code or add new repositories. The agent should not run as a privileged user (root).

The local backend will use a random directory in $TMPDIR to store the cloned code and execute commands.

In order to use this backend, you need to download (or build) the agent, configure it and run it on the host machine.


To enable the local backend, set the following:



The image entrypoint is used to specify the shell, such as bash or fish, that is used to run the commands.

- name: build
image: bash
commands: [...]


- name: build
image: /usr/bin/tree

If no commands are provided, plugins are treated in the usual manner. In the context of the local backend, plugins are simply executable binaries, which can be located using their name if they are listed in $PATH, or through an absolute path.



Default: default temp directory

Directory to create folders for workflows.