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Woodpecker has been originally forked from Drone 0.8 as the Drone CI license was changed after the 0.8 release from Apache 2.0 to a proprietary license. Woodpecker is based on this latest freely available version.


Woodpecker was originally forked by @laszlocph in 2019.

A few important time points:

  • 2fbaa56 is the first commit of the fork, made on Apr 3, 2019.
  • The first release v0.8.91 was published on Apr 6, 2019.
  • On Aug 27, 2019, the project was renamed to "Woodpecker" (630c383).
  • The first release under the name "Woodpecker" was published on Sep 9, 2019 (v0.8.104).

Differences to Droneโ€‹

Woodpecker is a community-focused software that still stay free and open source forever, while Drone is managed by Harness and published under Polyform Small Business license.