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Version: 0.15.x

Environment variables

Woodpecker provides the ability to pass environment variables to individual pipeline steps. Example pipeline step with custom environment variables:

    image: golang
+   environment:
+     - CGO=0
+     - GOOS=linux
+     - GOARCH=amd64
      - go build
      - go test

Please note that the environment section is not able to expand environment variables. If you need to expand variables they should be exported in the commands section.

    image: golang
-   environment:
-     - PATH=$PATH:/go
+     - export PATH=$PATH:/go
      - go build
      - go test

Please be warned that ${variable} expressions are subject to pre-processing. If you do not want the pre-processor to evaluate your expression it must be escaped:

    image: golang
-     - export PATH=${PATH}:/go
+     - export PATH=$${PATH}:/go
      - go build
      - go test

Built-in environment variables

This is the reference list of all environment variables available to your pipeline containers. These are injected into your pipeline step and plugins containers, at runtime.

CI=woodpeckerenvironment is woodpecker
CI_REPOrepository full name <owner>/<name>
CI_REPO_OWNERrepository owner
CI_REPO_NAMErepository name
CI_REPO_SCMrepository scm (git)
CI_REPO_LINKrepository link
CI_REPO_REMOTErepository clone url
CI_REPO_DEFAULT_BRANCHrepository default branch (master)
CI_REPO_PRIVATErepository is private
CI_REPO_TRUSTEDrepository is trusted
Current Commit
CI_COMMIT_SHAcommit sha
CI_COMMIT_REFcommit ref
CI_COMMIT_REFSPECcommit ref spec
CI_COMMIT_BRANCHcommit branch (equals target branch for pull requests)
CI_COMMIT_SOURCE_BRANCHcommit source branch
CI_COMMIT_TARGET_BRANCHcommit target branch
CI_COMMIT_TAGcommit tag name (empty if event is not tag)
CI_COMMIT_PULL_REQUESTcommit pull request number (empty if event is not pull_request)
CI_COMMIT_LINKcommit link in remote
CI_COMMIT_MESSAGEcommit message
CI_COMMIT_AUTHORcommit author username
CI_COMMIT_AUTHOR_EMAILcommit author email address
CI_COMMIT_AUTHOR_AVATARcommit author avatar
Current build
CI_BUILD_NUMBERbuild number
CI_BUILD_PARENTbuild number of parent build
CI_BUILD_EVENTbuild event (push, pull_request, tag, deployment)
CI_BUILD_LINKbuild link in ci
CI_BUILD_DEPLOY_TARGETbuild deploy target for deployment events (ie production)
CI_BUILD_STATUSbuild status (success, failure)
CI_BUILD_CREATEDbuild created unix timestamp
CI_BUILD_STARTEDbuild started unix timestamp
CI_BUILD_FINISHEDbuild finished unix timestamp
Current job
CI_JOB_NUMBERjob number
CI_JOB_STATUSjob status (success, failure)
CI_JOB_STARTEDjob started unix timestamp
CI_JOB_FINISHEDjob finished unix timestamp
Previous commit
CI_PREV_COMMIT_SHAprevious commit sha
CI_PREV_COMMIT_REFprevious commit ref
CI_PREV_COMMIT_REFSPECprevious commit ref spec
CI_PREV_COMMIT_BRANCHprevious commit branch
CI_PREV_COMMIT_SOURCE_BRANCHprevious commit source branch
CI_PREV_COMMIT_TARGET_BRANCHprevious commit target branch
CI_PREV_COMMIT_LINKprevious commit link in remote
CI_PREV_COMMIT_MESSAGEprevious commit message
CI_PREV_COMMIT_AUTHORprevious commit author username
CI_PREV_COMMIT_AUTHOR_EMAILprevious commit author email address
CI_PREV_COMMIT_AUTHOR_AVATARprevious commit author avatar
Previous build
CI_PREV_BUILD_NUMBERprevious build number
CI_PREV_BUILD_PARENTprevious build number of parent build
CI_PREV_BUILD_EVENTprevious build event (push, pull_request, tag, deployment)
CI_PREV_BUILD_LINKprevious build link in ci
CI_PREV_BUILD_DEPLOY_TARGETprevious build deploy target for deployment events (ie production)
CI_PREV_BUILD_STATUSprevious build status (success, failure)
CI_PREV_BUILD_CREATEDprevious build created unix timestamp
CI_PREV_BUILD_STARTEDprevious build started unix timestamp
CI_PREV_BUILD_FINISHEDprevious build finished unix timestamp
CI_WORKSPACEPath of the workspace where source code gets cloned to
CI_SYSTEM_NAMEname of the ci system: woodpecker
CI_SYSTEM_LINKlink to ci system
CI_SYSTEM_HOSThostname of ci server
CI_SYSTEM_VERSIONversion of the server
Internal - Please don't use!
CI_SCRIPTInternal script path. Used to call pipeline step commands.
CI_NETRC_USERNAMECredentials for private repos to be able to clone data. (Only available for specific images)
CI_NETRC_PASSWORDCredentials for private repos to be able to clone data. (Only available for specific images)
CI_NETRC_MACHINECredentials for private repos to be able to clone data. (Only available for specific images)

Global environment variables

If you want specific environment variables to be available in all of your builds use the WOODPECKER_ENVIRONMENT setting on the Woodpecker server.

      - [...]
+     - WOODPECKER_ENVIRONMENT=first_var:value1,second_var:value2

String Substitution

Woodpecker provides the ability to substitute environment variables at runtime. This gives us the ability to use dynamic build or commit details in our pipeline configuration.

Example commit substitution:

    image: plugins/docker
+     tags: ${CI_COMMIT_SHA}

Example tag substitution:

    image: plugins/docker
+     tags: ${CI_COMMIT_TAG}

String Operations

Woodpecker also emulates bash string operations. This gives us the ability to manipulate the strings prior to substitution. Example use cases might include substring and stripping prefix or suffix values.

${param}parameter substitution
${param,}parameter substitution with lowercase first char
${param,,}parameter substitution with lowercase
${param^}parameter substitution with uppercase first char
${param^^}parameter substitution with uppercase
${param:pos}parameter substitution with substring
${param:pos:len}parameter substitution with substring and length
${param=default}parameter substitution with default
${param##prefix}parameter substitution with prefix removal
${param%%suffix}parameter substitution with suffix removal
${param/old/new}parameter substitution with find and replace

Example variable substitution with substring:

    image: plugins/docker
+     tags: ${CI_COMMIT_SHA:0:8}

Example variable substitution strips v prefix from v.1.0.0:

    image: plugins/docker
+     tags: ${CI_COMMIT_TAG##v}